From the very beginning of our activity in 1969, there exists a set of characteristics as constant features in the manufacture of our products that have provided miSter with its own personality.

Excellence and quality have been the first and constant premise along time. We have worked hard day by day in order to maintain our supreme quality standards, that make the consumer perceive our shoes as luxury goods.

The proper selection and classification of the leathers we use have been key to maintain the above mentioned quality. In order to get it, skilled experts in the field were essential. They have been trained and have grown in our company, therefore they know perfectly the best qualities of every leather.


Besides the optimum process of leather selection, to achieve excellence in our products it is essential the skilled handling of it. With this aim and throughout all these years, we have kept as part of the staff the craftsmen that best work it with their own hands.

We cannot either forget the huge dedication we have given to the comfort of our shoes. In order to get it every new last is tested by three different people. With this process we get that the fitting of our shoes is the correct one in accordance to the requirements of every market.

And of course we have to mention the design factor in this art of fashion where it is essential to motivate the customers senses in order to make them fall in love with our goods. Not only the factors of excellence and perfect finish have been key in the spread of our brand, but also the original aesthetics, the soft feel of our leathers and the exceptional sewing work on them have provided miSter with that characteristic image of exclusiveness and authenticity.

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